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Mieli kolegos, WPA (Pasaulio psichiatrų asociacija) pradeda seriją nuotolinių seminarų, kurių pirmasis įvyks balandžio 1 dieną (ir tai ne pokštas!). Nemokami. Naudokitės proga paklausyti puikių lektorių aktualiomis temomis. Registracija privaloma, daugiau informacijos pateikta toliau bei šioje nuorodoje

Dear all, WPA through its network of International members is carrying out several activities to reduce stigma associated with mental disorders. The current leadership of the WPA under able guidance of President Prof. Afzal Javed has formed a special task force on fighting stigma, especially in the Asian region.

The WPA Asian Task Force on Stigma has scheduled its first webinar on April, 01. 2023, Saturday at 11:00 GMT. The details of which are as mentioned:

Fight against Stigma: An Unmet need for practicing psychiatrists – 1st Webinar of the series

Mode: Online Webinar

Opening Remark by the President, WPA: Prof. Afzal Javed (10 Mins).

Moderator and Context setting:

Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav (Chairman, WPA Asian Task Force on Stigma). Duration: 15 Mins.

Speakers: 1. Dr. Vinay Lakra (Australia). Topic: Historical and Contemporary Perspective. Duration: 20 Mins.

2. Dr. Vinay Kumar (India). Topic: Prevalence of Stigma and its Impact. Duration: 20 mins.

3. Dr. Kapila Ranasinghe (Sri Lanka). Topic: Intervention Program to reduce Stigma. Duration: 20 Mins

Question & Answer session: 15 Mins.

Registration and webinar link for all webinars will be: which is also mentioned in the attached flier for convenience.

The webinar series invitation letter is also attached. Kindly circulate the same in members and fellows of your country to help this movement in reducing stigma associated with mental disorders.
You are welcome to give your suggestions for the future webinars of the series scheduled on the first Saturday of the month starting May 2023 to September 2023.

Your active participation and encouragement is desired.

With warm and personal regards,

Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav
Director, Samvedana Happiness Hospital
Director, Institute Of Psychological & Sexual Research
Chairman – WPA Asian Task Force on Stigma
President-Elect – Indian Association of Private Psychiatry

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