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The World Council for Psychotherapy calls upon the Russian Government to immediately cease the invasion of Ukraine; stop the war; respect the law of nations; and bring back all Russian troops and weapons to their home country.

It is our view as Psychotherapists that a military invasion never solves problems, and never achieves its intended aims. Instead it creates immense damage, and causes destruction on many levels which can reverberate through the generations. This includes the personal suffering and deep trauma of both families and individuals at somatic, mental and emotional levels. Psychotherapists are committed to peaceful negotiation, dialogue and debate in conflict resolution, and we condemn war and violence. We call upon the Russian Government to stop the war, and establish peace through diplomacy in a thoughtful and mutually respectful manner.

We hope that the highest principles of the human spirit will prevail, and with all our hearts we wish that a resolution can be found which will restore freedom.

This Statement from WCP was submitted to the Russian Government in February 2022.

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