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Dr Michal Ordak, Medical University of Warsaw (Poland), Survey for Psychiatrists

Survey for Psychiatrists

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Dr Michał Ordak. I am an adjunct at the Medical University of Warsaw (Poland). My research interests include new psychoactive substances. I would like to ask you to complete a short questionnaire that will help to make psychiatrists (The Lithuanian Psychiatric Association) aware of the aspect that is described in the second part of this short survey. At the beginning, there are a few general questions.

In the second stage, you will answer the same five questions concerning case reports twice. Why twice? The answer to this question will be revealed after you have given your first set of answers. Then you will learn about the goal which is to help psychiatrists in their daily medical practice. In other words, you will see why the same questions are answered a second time.

I will be very grateful if you complete the questionnaire! I wish you good health in these hard months for all of us.

Link to the survey:

Kind Regards,
Dr Michal Ordak

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